Tubestart for Brands

The integration of top brands on Tubestart allows us to leverage unique co-funding, reward and sponsorship opportunities, all of which are designed to help creators raise more money and help brands drive engagement and connect with their target audience on a level not avaiable through traditional CPM models.

Support What Your Customers Like

For the first time, brands have the opportunity to support creative projects in their target demographic on a grassroots level while gaining enthusiastic and loyal customers by supporting a common cause.

Project Co-Funding

Brand Integration

Reward Sponsor

Project Contests

Drive Awareness

Our brand integration engages your target demographicand embeds your brand as a supporter of the video creator community rather than just an advertiser.

Plug Into The Crowd

Crowdfunding and Digital Video are two booming, disruptive markets, and Tubestart can get you front and center with your target audience in an authentic and socially responsible way.

Ready to Engage?

Contact us for a no strings attached custom quote and see how your brand can become a leader in the digital video crowdfunding space!

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