Kitchen Karate Cookalong Course

Kitchen Karate Cookalong Course
Los Angeles, CA, United States
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Hi, I'm Casey, the inventor of Kitchen Karate, and I can't express how excited (and nervous) I am to share this with you!  I'm taking the biggest swing of my life here and I am praying that you will see the value in this course and decide to support us. 


Please watch the VIDEO above for an overview and read through the BELTS along the right-hand side to get a complete description of the 10-Belt course.


The course covers HOW TO:

  • Create all your meals for the week in under 2 hours
  • Break free of recipes for life
  • Define what a well-balanced meal is for YOUR body type
  • Organize your kitchen for speed
  • Stock your pantry for flavor not calories
  • Season by cuisine and familiarize yourself with the flavor profiles of the 10 most popular: Mexican, Italian, Chinese, French, Thai, Indian, Caribbean, Moroccan, German, and Middle Eastern
  • Balance the five tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami
  • Make dishes "sing" by hitting high and low flavor notes
  • Create salads, soups, wraps, roasts, parfaits, pancakes, purees, braised dishes, pan sauces, pasta sauces, dressings, pestos, salsas, guacamoles, and more, all while cooking your way around the world


How the course works:

  • There is no try, only do. You learn by cooking. At the end of each lesson you will have meals prepped for the week.
  • Each belt comes with a shopping list, meal plan, printable guides, and the related Cookalong videos, which you stream over your mobile device in your kitchen
  • The Cookalong plays out in real time, meaning we never say things like, "so cut up your carrots" and then cut to a bowl of nicely cut up carrots. We cut our carrots right along with you
  • Go at your own pace: start, pause and rewind whenver you like


How the DISCOUNTS work:

  • All savings are based on a $25 per belt face value, which is what they will cost when we go live in October.
  • You must purchase belts in order so the total face value increases by $25 at evey belt. Yellow = $25; Orange = $50; Red =$75, etc.
  • There are 10 belts in all but the White Belt is FREE, so there are 9 belts which cost $25 each, totalling $225 at the Black Belt level.
  • Ok, enough math!


Ways to help!

  • Take advantage of our deeply discounted presale of the Belts either for yourself or as a gift! (all perks redeemable as gifts)
  • Push it to the power of 10! Personally email this to 10 people you know and ask them to share it with 10 people they know, and those people with 10 people they know, etc.... We will hit a million people in 5 degrees of seperations... right before it reaches Kevin Bacon
  • Post this on facebook


When does it ship?

  • Our goal is to launch the final course the week of October 7 to BACKERS ONLY. 
  • You will get your ACCESS CODE the day it goes live and it will be good for the level you purchased here.
  • All perks may be given as a gift. We will provide a Gift Certificate upon request. We can even mail it as a hard copy if you prefer to give it to someone in a card. Delivery options will be in your FULLFILLMENT email.
  • All backers are GAURANTEED delivery of their purchase. This project is going forward either way. The money raised here will speed the launch and improve the quality overall.


Top 10 Reasons to support the Kitchen Karate Cookalong Course:


10. Get your black belt in cooking!

Not only will you learn the art of making 15 meals in 2 hours, the course teaches you to break free of recipes for life. You will become the kind of person who can walk into any kitchen at any time, grab up whatever scraps are lying around, and whip up something amazing. How fun is that? It's like learning a foreign language or how to play a musical instrument. It opens up new worlds of expression.


9. There's nothing else like it

Nowhere online or in the real world can you find a course like this. Our revolutionary new approach to weekly meal prep does something no one has done before: apply restaurant practices to home cooking. When you think about it, every home is a family restaurant. But do you know how to shop like an executive chef, chop like a prep cook, season like a sous chef, fire meals like a line cook, and plate up perfectly balanced dishes? Kitchen Karate shows you how to maximize efficiency, minimize food costs, and keep your picky customers happy, starting with customer #1: you.


8. It's beta tested, beta approved

Over the past 6 months we have shot the entire 10-belt course 2 times over while leading 17 different households through it. Singles, couples, couples with kids, vegetarians, fitness fanatics, and people with little to no cooking experience have all successfully completed the course and loved it. Every aspect has been thoroughly vetted and proven effective. From the technology to the teaching method down to every last detail of the supporting materials, our goal has been to make the course as easy to follow as it is empowering. Our beta testers have given us a resounding stamp of approval. We are ready to launch with full confidence.


7. Make a dream come true

Kitchen Karate has been a 5-year journey for me and I have poured everything into it - time, money, heart and soul. It began after my metabolism slowed down but my appetite for take-out food did not. I was in my mid thirties, thirty pounds overweight and in need of a major change. Once it became clear to me that "eat right and exercise" starts with "eat right", I headed down the path of preparing my own meals. Little did I know that feeding myself home-cooked meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be a full time job. And I already had a full time job, so there I was working two jobs. I knew it was NOT a lifestyle I could maintain so when someone turned me on to the concept of preparing your meals for the workweek on Sunday it was like the heavens parted. Only problem there was it took ALL Sunday, and as a football fan, that simply would not do. So I set a goal of getting my weekly cook done in under 2 hours. It took me 2 years of Sundays and dozens of breakthroughs big and small before I finally cracked the 2-hour barrier for 15 completely different meals made with whole fresh ingredients, all seasoned to taste just the way I like. During that time I shed the 30 pounds and was easily maintaining my ideal weight. I had successfully created a lifestyle of healthy eating that I could maintain. I had lowered my monthly food costs by hundreds of dollars, which I used for fitness classes, and I had developed a genuine sense of confidence in the kitchen, which carried into other aspects of my life. It was powerful stuff. I called it Kitchen Karate and figured I should start teaching it to people. And the people came! Since first offering the class out of a test kitchen in Los Angeles over 2 years ago I've had more than 1000 students come through the door. In the meantime I continued to work on my weekly practice and I now have it developed to the Black Belt level. I incorporate soups, sauces, dressing, sandwiches, salads, pancakes, pasta, parfaits and more. All in 2 hours. It's mind-boggling that a regular guy in a regular home kitchen can produce so many complex dishes all at once. And yet I do it every week. And now I want to teach it to everyone everywhere. Five years of hard work have culminated into this Cookalong Course. I know it works. I've financed it all on my own until this point. And now I'm asking for help in chasing down this huge dream.


6. It makes a great gift

Who wouldn't want to receive an entire cooking course that can be completed in their own kitchen at their own pace? Who knows, they might be so thankful they will cook for you. Win win.


5. Save money

Every time you eat a home-cooked meal instead of grabbing something on the go, you save. Over the course of a month, that can translate into hundreds of dollars as it did for our beta testers. Plus you can save 60% off the cost of the course by purchasing it right now through the presale.


4. Save time

There's no faster way to serve up a meal than to pull it ready-made from the fridge. Imagine what you could do with your evenings if you didn't have to figure out what's for dinner, run to the store for missing ingredients, get everything out to cook, and then clean up. With Kitchen Karate you cook just once (and clean just once!) and eat all week.


3. Go green while eating greens

Think of all the packing that goes into just one deli-counter lunch: plastic bag, Styrofoam food container, plastic utensils, canned drink, and single-serving condiments. Now compare that with a lunch you brought to work in a reusable container all made with packaging-free farm fresh ingredients that you brought home in reusable bags. Your entire week's worth of meals creates less waste than a single take-out lunch. The processed food industry has a huge carbon footprint, a cloud cover of smog and a river of pesticides running through it. Cooking Kitchen Karate style empowers you to get heavily into local farm fresh ingredients. With all the money you save by cutting back on prepared meals, you can easily afford the finest ingredients available. Plus you learn to buy them in the quantities that are exactly right for you so you can eliminate food waste through spoilage.


2. Win the fight to eat right

The #1 most-broken New Years resolution is to eat better. Kitchen Karate is here to make that the #1 most-kept resolution. Developing healthy eating habits is not about will power, nor the ability to count calories. Turns out it's about cooking. Start with whole fresh ingredients in the proportions that are right for you and season them to taste the way you like. Do that and you will develop healthy eating habits to last a lifetime. It's that simple. But who has the time to cook all those meals? And who knows how to make them taste good? You do! With Kitchen Karate. In just the first lesson of our 10-belt course we will teach you how to shop, chop, season, and plate up meals that you love in endless variety. There are no recipes, no calorie charts, no prescribed ingredients. Kitchen Karate is all about empowering you to cook up the meals that you love in abundance with consistency. That's how you win the fight to eat right, and Kitchen Karate will be your secret weapon.


1. Spark a home cooking revolution

Help turn the tide on processed foods and all their friends: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and pollution to name a few. As processed foods have taken over the lion's share of the grocery store and take-out foods have filled in for mom's home cooking, diet-related illnesses have soared to epidemic proportions. Everyday cooking skills have all but vanished in many households, replaced by the microwave and directions on packaging. Many of us watch cooking on TV more than we actually cook. Kitchen Karate is here to help home cooking fight back! Our course is designed to teach the everyday person how to make everyday meals out of whole fresh ingredients quickly and consistently. We are on a mission to mint 1 million black belts in home cooking. Please join us!

The Team

Brooklyn, United States

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White Belt

In the White Belt Cookalong you will learn the 5 Moves of Kitchen Karate: shop, chop, sprinkle, poke, and plate. Discover how to cook without recipes. And take your first stab at creating your ideal plate of food. Time: 40 minutes. Number of meals: 1 Perk: Get your free White Belt early as we offer the course to backers 1 week ahead of the general population.

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt will build on what you learned in the White Belt as you create 1 day's worth of well-balanced meals. The focus is on the relationship between shopping and plating. Time: 60 minutes. Number of meals: 3. Perk: Get the Yellow Belt for $10 off. (all perks may be given as gifts)

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Orange Belt

In the Orange Belt you will double your output from the Yellow belt in only half as much more time. Focus is on optimizing your kitchen for speed. Time: 90 minutes. Number of meals: 6. Perk: all cookalongs through Orange for $20 off

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Red Belt

In the Red Belt Cookalong we add an entire day's worth of meals in only 10 additional minutes. We begin stocking our pantry for flavor not calories. And we begin cooking our way around the world as we try our hand at Caribbean cuisine. Time: 100 minutes. Number of meals: 9. Perk: All previous cookalongs plus Red for $35 off

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Green Belt

Here we familiarize ourselves with the flavor profiles of 3 of the world's most popular cuisines: Mexican, Italian, and Chinese. We also jump up to 4 days' worth of meals. Time: 120 minutes. Number of meals: 12. Perk: All previous cookalongs plus Green for $50 off.

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Turquoise Belt

In this cookalong we continue the World Cuisine Domination Tour, making stops in France, Thailand, and India. We also start exploring Taste Balancing, which is the interplay between sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter, and umami. Time: 120 minutes. Number of meals: 12. Perk: All previous plus Turquoise for $65 off.

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Blue Belt

We complete our survey of the Top 10 world cuisines with German, Moroccan, and Middle Eastern fare. We also tackle braising. And we cook with beer! Time: 120 minutes. Number of meals: 12. Perk: All previous plus Blue for $80 off

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Purple Belt

With our pantry stocked, the world tour behind us, and The 5 Moves well in hand, it's now time to take it to the next level by adding soups, stocks, and pan sauces to the mix - all in the same 2 hours! Time: 120 minutes. Number of meals: 12. Perk: All previous plus Purple for $95 off.

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Brown Belt

At the Brown Belt we bring in our new best friend - the immersion blender - and use it to make purees, pancakes, tomato sauces, salsas, pestos and more. All in the same 2 hours! Time: 120 minutes. Number of meals: 12. Perk: All previous plus Brown for $110 off.

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

Black Belt

All that's left to do in the Black Belt Cookalong is COMPLETELY DOMINATE. Here you will make 15 meals in 2 hours and graduate with the ability to customize your Kitchen Karate practice to your heart's desire. Time: 120 minutes. Number of meals: 15. Perk: get the entire 10-belt course for a total savings of $125.

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

2nd Degree Black Belt

Buy 1 complete course and get one complete course to give as a gift. Total savings: $275

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

3rd Degree Black Belt

Get the complete course plus 2 additional courses to give as gifts. Total savings of $425!

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014

10th Degree Black Belt

Hand out Black Belts like they are candy. Get 10 complete courses to give as gifts to a group of people such as co-workers, a wedding party or extended family. That's only $50 per course, for total discount of $1750!

Estimated Delivery Date: October 8th 2014