Make it Happen - Consumer Electronics Show 2015

Make it Happen - Consumer Electronics Show 2015
CA, United States
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Together we can create some awesome videos for CES 2015!

Goals Based Channel Giveaways! (See rules listed below)

  • $1250 - REACHED! MSI R9 270 GAMING OC Video Card Giveaway ($175 Value)

  • $2000 - REACHED! 8GB ADATA XPG V2 Memory Kit to channel giveaway ($65 Value)

  • $2500 - REACHED! Signed XFX R9 280 to channel giveaway ($250 Value)

  • $3000 - REACHED! Signed Cooler Master V1200 Platinum PSU ($300 Value)

  • $3500 - REACHED! EVGA Z97 FTW Motherboard! ($200 Value)

  • $4000 - REACHED! EK Extreme 360 Watercooling Kit! ($500 Value)

  • $5000 - REACHED! My personal I7 4770k CPU ($329 Value) 

Be sure to claim a perk if you want that particular item! Otherwise, donation amounts in any denomination are accepted as well! You do NOT have to claim a perk to contribute!

What: CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is held annualy in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the WORLD STAGE for new and emerging technology from all corners of the world! Unfortunately the event is closed to the public but I feel that everyone should be able to experience the awesome that is CES. This is why I am so passionate about bringing viewers amazing coverage ov this event. 

Why: Without direct contribution and crowdsource funding, coverage for CES would not be possible. It is through generous contributions that I am able to bring detailed and professional event coverage to YouTube. This is your opportunity to get involved and help make this the best CES coverage possible. 

The Impact: Cost to cover the week long Expo is very expensive! From hotel room, travel cost, food, equipment, time spent away from work and family make the task of filming the event a very heavy burden, but such sacrifices are worth it to bring my viewers a front row seat to the WORLD STAGE of Technology! Proceeds earned that exceed the cost of coverage will be reinvested in to the channel to bring you a higher quality of video for your viewing enjoyment, and future giveaways. Not a single penny will ever be spent on anything other than channel expenses and will be 100% invested in bringing you the quality that you deserve!

Ways You Can Help: This Fundraiser is for those who feel they would like to contribute to the expense of covering such an amazing event! Proceeds will be used 100% towards the cost of documenting CES which will in turn be given back in the form or professional film coverage for all to see and enjoy!

The Giveaway: Claim any Perk level to be automatically entered in to a drawing for a chance to win my very own MSI R9 270! At the conclusion of this campaign a winner will be selected at random at which time you will be contacted for shipping information. This raffle is open worldwide! 

Monetary contribution isn't the only way to contribute towards funding of CES! Help get the word out! If you know someone passionate about technology, share the channel and fundraiser efforts with them!

VIEW THE VIDEOS! Contraty to popular belief, small channels like mine do NOT make a great deal of money. After network fees and taxes, there is very little left over, and certainly not enough to fund a trip to CES on its own, but with your views, you can certainly help without ever contributing a dime!

Together as a community, we can create a high level of quality coverage for CES 2015!

- Giveaway rules - 
If goals listed above are reached, I will hold a giveaway on my channel! No purchase is necessary and everyone has a fair chance to win the prizes listed above. Donations do not increase your chances of winning the free giveaway. All proceeds are donations which will be used towards content created for CES and JayzTwoCents Online Media. Contest is open world wide, void where prohibited. 

Social Media Shout Out

Contribute $10 and get a personalized shout out from me promoting your channel or stream!

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Estimated Delivery Date: August 22nd 2014

Personalized Parts List

I usually do not offer parts lists, but for this occasion, I can set aside time for a limited number of them. Be sure to email me at after you pick up this perk to start the process.

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Estimated Delivery Date: September 1st 2014

Get Mentioned in the Credits

Want to have your channel or twitch stream mentioned in the description of my CES videos? Now is your chance with a $25 contribution.

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Estimated Delivery Date: January 6th 2015

Personal Skype Call

Want a personal Skype call where you can ask me any of your PC related questions and get immediate assistance? Need help overclocking? Watercooling advice? Now is your chance!

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Estimated Delivery Date: September 15th 2014
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I Supported Jay Women's T

Contribute $75 and get a limited edition JayzTwoCentsT-Shirt!

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I Supported Jay Men's T

Contribute $75 and get a limited edition JayzTwoCentsT-Shirt! Sizes range from S to 5XL!


Signed AlphaCool XT45 480mm Radiator

$100 gets you my AlphaCool XT45 480mm Radiator used to cool my CPU in my 900D. You could own a piece of the PC that rendered and produced so many of the videos seen by millions! I'll even sign it!

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Estimated Delivery Date: September 18th 2014

Be a Guest on Tech Talk

Contribution of $150 lands you a spot on Tech Talk! Want to hang out for an hour and talk tech? Well this is your chance!

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Estimated Delivery Date: September 18th 2014