Project Underdogs

Project Underdogs
Los Angeles, CA, United States
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What's going on guys? Shane of fightTIPS here and I'm launching a new 5-part web series with my wife, Marie, and best friend, Ant. Our goal is to create a hilarious, educational, action-packed webseries where Ant & I work together to fight off bullies played by some of your favorite YouTubers, Viners, & other personalities. Think Rush Hour meets Double Dragon: we'll find ourselves in ridiculous situations and badass fight scenes.

Not only will you laugh your ass off watching this series, but you'll also learn a technique or two that could someday save your life. This isn't just about fundraising for videos, it's about spreading anti-bullying & self defense awareness while building the fightTIPS community! From writing to casting to production, this series is counting on you.

Thanks to your shares & donations, we’ve raised 50% of our goal so far. That means, becuase of you, we’ve been able to:

  • Fly Ant from Philly to LA for all of July
    • During his stay, we’ll film Project Underdogs and weekly fightTIPS videos. Plus, he’s working with us to help fightTIPS grow so we can bring self defense & anti-bullying tips to more people than ever.
  • Collaborate with some of the best martial arts & fitness channels out there, including Buff Dudes & Big J’s Extreme Fitness. Plus, we’re working on cameos from:
  • You know when you watch a video and it’s screaming through your left earphone but the right is dead silent? Or there's a really intense fight scene, but the video doesn't go past 480p? Yeah, we’ve updated our equipment so that won’t ever happen:
    • New lens for quality, HD fight scenes (much better than the cracked one I had wink)
    • Wireless microphone & mic accessories for crisp audio
    • Hard drive, memory cards, & batteries for more storage, longer filming days, & no rush to get the “perfect take”
    • Basic lighting equipment
    • Props and costume

What's Next?

We still have $3,000 left to raise. That might sound like a lot of money, but it’s only a fraction of what we need for the opportunity to create the best martial arts series on YouTube ever. We're spending 100% of our time on this project in July, which means little to no income from a regular job, yet increased expenses and work hours for traveling, filming, editing, and more.

When we reach or go beyond our budget, the opportunities are endless. We will:

  • Continue to update equipment for highest quality production value
  • Travel for the most unique & intense filming locations
  • Go to events, like VidCon, to collab with your favorite YouTubers (let me know if you're going!)
  • Upgrade props & costume for lifelike fight scenes
  • Collaborate with the best & most talented
  • Extend the series for a 6th episode (and beyond?)
  • Create a high quality, action packed series worthy of a pitching a TV series

How can you help?

  • Buy a perk. Get something sweet for supporting our project. Limited Edition gear, online MMA training, live stream hangouts with me and Ant, and more are available on the right -->
  • Donate $5 (or whatever you can.) If everyone who viewed or shared our page donated just $5, we'd reach our goal in time! Every bit is appreciated.
  • Share this page. Not everyone has extra dough to spend, and that's okay. Let your friends & family know how pumped you are for this series and ask them to share & donate, too.
  • Subscribe at! Above everything, your guys support & building the community is #1

Thank you so much for taking the time to come by Project Underdogs. We're pumped to bring the best martial arts web series EVER to YouTube this Summer, and we couldn't do it without your support. Until next time...

The Team

Los Angeles, CA, United States
Los Angeles, CA, United States
Philadelphia, PA, United States

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